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Cycling jersey - Competition - Turin

Reference: KS-1269

  • Cup: Stretch
  • Gender: Male
  • Use: Competition
  • Seasonality: Summer and mid-season

  • Material: Lightech or Sirtech
  • Ease: Without
  • Drying: Fast
  • Breathability: Excellent

  • Pass: Cyclist
  • Pockets: 3 easy access back pockets + 1 side pocket
  • Sleeves: Raglan, short - Sharp edges cut in Lycra
  • Closure: FAG 5 mm with lips and safety slider
  • Anti-slip band: At the bottom of the jersey, breathable

  • Size: From 5XS to 4XL - Size Guide
  • Customizable jersey

Summer cycling jersey - Competition use - Total customization


Quality Made in France

In cycling, quality clothing is essential. A poor quality outfit will decrease your performance and increase the amount of effort you will have to provide. A situation more discouraging than anything else. In this sense, KONY START offers technical jerseys, constantly improved following the many tests made in real conditions. Manufactured in France from A to Z, quality monitoring as well as the materials and techniques used are qualitative and constantly questioned.


A jersey with technical subjects (your choice)

In summer, temperatures rise quickly and all the more so during an effort in a pass, in full sun and with a steep drop. It is therefore essential to have an outfit designed for this kind of situation by regulating the heat inside the jersey. To answer this problem, KONY START offers two different materials for making your jersey: Lightech or Sirtech. These two qualities of fabric are breathable, lightweight and very fast drying. The Lightech is more stretchy than the Sirtech while the latter has a honeycomb texture that helps the air circulate even better under the jersey.

For more information, see the technicality of the materials


A jersey close to the body

Although one might think that a loose jersey could better evacuate heat and perspiration, this is not necessarily the case. Indeed, a cycling jersey that is close to the body will limit the feeling of heaviness that can cause the hot air under the fabric. In addition, it will absorb sweat more easily which will allow you not to stay wet and therefore have more comfort. A stretch jersey is therefore more pleasant for a summer bike ride.


Adjust the temperature yourself

The full ZIP of this personalized garment is the ideal element to adjust the temperature emitted by your skin. Indeed, the zipper goes from top to bottom. You can make the air in it fluctuate, more or less, by moving the cursor up or down.


This jersey is of France certified origin.

All designs are trademarked.


Technical data sheet

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Short sleeves
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