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Bib shorts - Premium - Cork

Reference: ks-8866

  • Gender: Male
  • Use: Cycle tourism
  • Seasonality: Summer and mid-season

  • Material: Lycra Performance
  • Ease: Without
  • Drying: Fast

  • Seating: UltraPro
  • Straps: Openwork polyamide mesh. Ultras resistant
  • Thigh bands: Siliconized, high visibility 40mm

  • Size: From 5XS to 4XL - Size Guide
  • Customizable bib shorts

A customizable technical bib online

What type of outing can I do with a KONY premium bib short?

If you occasionally practice cycling, in moderation, on smooth roads that do not have much elevation, these customizable Premium bib shorts are the one for you. Indeed, it is ideal for cycling outings in good weather.

This bib is intended for outings in rather hot weather, the material that composes it is very light and is hyper breathable. This ensures a very fast drying of the fabric which avoids skin irritations often caused by wearing a damp garment for many minutes.

Which seat is the most comfortable for cycling?

All the technical and comfort specifications of the Ultrapro seat, for pros and semi-pros, are described on the " Seat range " page. In addition to being super comfortable, its maintenance is very simple. Indeed, to prevent it from deteriorating over time, it is advisable to wash the garment directly after exercise, at a temperature of 40 ° C.

Why is this KONY bib super comfortable?

The tissue in the legs remains in place. It does not roll or go up the thighs despite repeated movements when pedaling. This is possible thanks to the silicone bands that finish the personalized bib.

How to customize your cycling outfit?

With the KONY online configurator, let your imagination run wild and personalise your cycling outfit. Put it in the colors of your sports association. You can also add text and logos to highlight your sponsors.

Registered model. Reproduction prohibited

Origin France certified.


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