RS-5034 built-in boxer shorts

Reference: RS-5034

Genre: Mixed

Seasonality: Summer and cool weather

Fabric: Sirtech or Dryclim +

Specificities: Windproof - Hyper breathable - Extendable

Size: From XXS to XXL

Running shorts for men and women Customizable

Technical materials

These shorts can be customized with the colors and logos of your club. Choose the material between Dryclim+ plus or Sirtech.

> DryClim+ is an emery, soft and resistant material made of soft and airy polyester microfibers.

>The Sirtech is very light. Honeycombed, it is stretchable on one axis and dries quickly.

For more information, see the technicality of the materials

The + product

These running shorts are very comfortable and stay in place throughout the effort thanks to their elastic waist and drawstring.

Registered model and design. Reproduction prohibited.

Origin France Certified


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