Courier Bib Shorts Competition Elite KS-8868

Courier Bib Shorts Competition Elite KS-8868

Reference: KS-8868

  • Gender: Male
  • Seasonality: Summer and Mid-season
  • Use: Elite, intensive

  • Matter:
  • Material: Lycra FastDry plain and Lightech quick drying
  • Drying: Fast

  • Seat: Race Pro or Carbon Pro recommended
  • Shoulder straps: elastic
  • Thigh band: Siliconed, high visibility or 70mm

Elite Competition Courier bib shorts: KS-8872 and KS-8868

The KS-8868 and KS-8872 Men's Elite Summer Courier Bib Shorts are designed for your outings beyond 3 times a week. It offers optimal abdominal support and muscle compression, has been extensively tested by sharp runners. Its tightly adjusted straight cut and tight waist circumference ensure precise positioning and support of the seat. The KS-8868 technical bib shorts are 100% polyamide throughout the outfit and offer customizable thigh and back bands. The KS-8868 cycling bib shorts are made of polyester Lycra, customizable on the side of the thighs and lower back. The two men's summer bib shorts have elastic and stretchy shoulder straps, a slightly openwork back and a very fast drying during the effort. The fabric under the seat in contact with the saddle is made of polyamide. It guarantees top-of-the-range behaviour: high friction resistance and very fast drying.

Did you know? The feeling of discomfort and discomfort when you travel long distances is due to the ischiums: lower and upper part of the iliac bone, bone that makes up the pelvis. In order to guarantee you optimal comfort, KONY recommends its Carbon Pro Gel, Ultra Pro and Race Pro men's seats, which have a bridge of 75, 52 and 38 mm respectively. Thin and breathable, they guarantee superior protection. Micro-perforated and honeycombed, they provide hyper breathability. Like the Ultra Pro and Carbon Pro seats, the Race Pro chamois has a central channel that improves blood circulation and helps reduce pressure and numbness. The soft and flexible area adapts perfectly to your morphology for your comfort up to 8 hours in the spout or back of the saddle. The integration of shock absorption points and its thickness of 12 mm brings a real plus with its integrated gel. The curvature of the seat ensures maximum comfort and stability on the saddle. The side wings in perforated fabric provide complete freedom of movement and protect the inside of the legs from irritation due to heat and friction. Its contact is ultrasoft and smooth. For a maximum duration of your seat, washing recommended at 40 ° in the machine.

To choose your men's cycling bib shorts Elite, it is advisable and preferable to take a very adjusted size by referring to the KONY size guide very precise on the home page of the site.

The men's bib shorts Elite KS-8872 and KS-8868, meet the expectations of semi-professionals and professionals, managers of cycling outfits for their club. Ideal for competition. Made, printed and made in our workshops in France. KONY assiduously compares its products to the biggest brands of bib shorts. The experience of more than 50 years, allows to be attentive to the clubs. A dynamic and daily research and development allows to offer a French quality product, tested in a situation of effort, for your comfort and pleasure. Our commitment, satisfies you by the quality of our products.

Registered model. Reproduction prohibited

Origin France certified.


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