Women's Performance Bib Shorts KS-7355

Reference: KS-7355ACF

  • Terms of use: Summer and mid-season
  • Gender: Female
  • Material: Lycra Performance

  • Seated : UltraPro Women
  • Straps: Without
  • Thigh bands: Siliconized, high visibility, 40 or 70mm
  • Sheathing band: Abdominal, flat, 7cm
  • Size: From XS to 4XL- Size Guide
  • Customizable bib shorts

Women's Performance Bib Shorts: KS-7355

The KS-7355 performance women's bib shorts have a 7 cm sheathing belt, it displays a comfortable and stretchy abdominal support. This women's technical cycling bib shorts has a silicone conical band of 7 cm around the thigh so that the bib shorts do not go up. These women's cycling bib shorts are ideal for long rides, in summer or during mid-season for amateurs and cyclists looking for performance.

Did you know? The feeling of discomfort and discomfort when you travel long distances is due to the ischiums: lower and upper part of the iliac bone, bone that makes up the pelvis. In order to guarantee you optimal comfort, KONY presents its Ultra Pro Women's seat 120mg/m3, its soft and flexible area adapts perfectly to your morphology for your comfort up to 8 hours on the bike. The integration of shock absorption points and its thickness of 15 mm bring a real plus on the road as in the paths. The curvature of the seat ensures maximum ease and stability on the saddle. The wings made of micro-perforated fabric provide complete freedom of movement and protect the inside of the legs from irritation due to heat and friction. Its contact is ultra soft and smooth. For a maximum duration of your seat: washing recommended at 40 ° in the machine.

To choose your KS-7355 women's cycling bib shorts, refer to the very precise KONY size guide on the homepage. The sheathing belt must be in contact with the belly without tightening too much.

The Performance women's bib shorts satisfy the most demanding. The women's cycling bib shorts are 100% customizable. The making, printing and realization are certified of France origin. KONY expert in the field of cycling since 1974 and working with more than 900 clubs, regularly compares its products and is always attentive to the needs of clubs to make the best bib shorts on the market to meet the expectations of the greatest number of members.

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