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Cycling jersey - Performance - Nice

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  • Cut: Close to the body
  • Gender: Male
  • Usage: Intensive performance
  • Seasonality: Summer and mid-season
  • Material: Lightech or Sirtech
  • Ease: 2 cm
  • Drying: Fast
  • Breathability: Excellent
  • Pass: Cyclist
  • Pockets: 3 easy access back pockets including a central zip + 1 side pocket
  • Sleeves: Short raglan with elastic Lycra headbands at their ends
  • Closure: FAG 5mm with lips and safety slider
  • Anti-slip band: At the bottom of the jersey, breathable
  • Size: From 5XS to 4XL - Size Guide
  • Customizable jersey

Jersey Bike Short Sleeves - Made In France


A fully customizable outfit

This customizable bike equipment is ideal for summer and mid-season rides. It has been designed for intensive use, in search of performance and surpassing oneself. Technically, it can be made from two materials: Sirtech and Lightech.

The printing, cutting and making of all our sportswear are made in France, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region since 1997. The entire manufacturing process complies with Oeko-Tex and Reach commitments. The inks are solvent-free, harmful substances and allergen-free. This is done with a view to respecting the environment, sustainable production and the quality of our products.


Hyper-breathable fabrics

Sirtech quality

This material acts as a second skin. It adapts perfectly to the morphology of the wearer thanks to its slight elasticity. This ensures a comfortable jersey throughout the effort, even after several hours of activity. In order to preserve the quality of the textile and preserve the colors from premature deterioration, it is advisable to wash the jersey at a low temperature. It will dry very quickly and this will prevent the development of odors after your outing.

Lightech quality

This textile is micro aerated and very light. Its very good elasticity, both in height and width, makes it possible to make a jersey that slips on easily. With an outfit made of Lightech, your skin will breathe throughout your bike ride. Indeed, its breathability is excellent, allowing to evacuate the hot air and therefore to regulate the temperature inside the jersey.


Short raglan sleeves

This men's jersey has been designed with short raglan sleeves to offer all the comfort possible, even after several hours of cycling. For a perfect support of the sleeves, they are finished with an elastic band in Lycra.


A solid zipper

In order to perfectly highlight the personalization of your cycling outfit, the FAG is covered with outer lips. This will avoid cutting the logos and texts you have placed on them. This five-millimeter-wide zipper is very strong. It ensures a great longevity of the garment.


The most of the product

This product has an anti-slip band at the bottom of the jersey. It prevents it from going up when you pedal and ensures that the jersey does not make a bump in the abdomen. This could hinder your performance.


This jersey is of France certified origin.

All designs are trademarked. Reproduction prohibited


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