KONY and START: oeko-Tex and Reach

KONY and START have been living since 1974 to the rhythm of sports clubs. This proximity has made it possible to develop the products in the range in close collaboration with athletes and high-level specialists. We also thank all these men and women who allow our businesses and technologies to evolve.

In accordance with the Oeko-tex and Reach charters, our values are part of a sustainable development logic. Indeed, we do not use solvents in our inks, no harmful substances or allergens. KONY and START recycle 100% of waste. Our environment, resources, know-how and values are precious. We are committed to respecting and transmitting them.

French manufacturing close to its customers

KONY and START sportswear are produced in France. In many ways, proximity is an important factor in the act of purchase.

You can also visit the showroom based in Panissières in the Loire near Lyon and Saint-Etienne. The sales team of KONY and START will present you the different materials, the seats ... You will discover our production tool and support a local, ecologically and socially responsible initiative.

The "Made In France" quality is therefore very important and increasingly controlled. KONY and START hold the "ORIGINE FRANCE GARANTIE" label, which is a real guarantee of quality for your clothes, but also for the quality of relations with your suppliers! KONY and START have been committed to producing according to the rules of "Made in France" for many years and are proud, with its teams, to design and produce French.