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Cycling bib shorts Premium 2 KS-8866

Cycling bib shorts Premium 2 KS-8866

Reference: KS-8866

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  • Gender: Male
  • Seasonality: Summer and mid-season
  • Use: Cycle tourism

  • Material: Lycra Customizable Performance and FastDry Quick Dry Plain
  • Seating: UltraPro recommended
  • Straps: Openwork polyamide mesh. Ultras resistant
  • Thigh bands: Siliconaceous, high visibility (70mm)

  • Size: From 5XS to 4XL - Size Guide
  • Customizable bib shorts

Cyclo Premium 2 bib shorts: KS-8866 and KS-8870

Our men's club bib shorts Premium 2 summer KS-8866 and KS-8870 are intended for cyclists practicing 1 to 2 times a week. The cut is circular and slightly loose and promotes a slight muscle compression for better recovery; With very stretchy seams, it ensures a flexible support of the abdominal belt. The KS-8866 technical bib shorts have very comfortable polyamide shoulder straps, very resistant and drying quickly. The KS-8870 version has elastic and extendable shoulder straps. These two cycling men's bib shorts have a silicone conical band of 7 cm around the thigh so that the bib shorts do not go up. The fabric under the seat and in contact with the saddle guarantees fast drying, high resistance and anti-pilling treatment while remaining hyper breathable.

Did you know? The cause of our discomfort on the bike is due to the ischiums: lower and posterior part of the iliac bone, one of the bones that makes up the pelvis. KONY recommends the Ultra Pro 120kg/m3 seat adapted to many morphologies, the placement of the seat is optimized and offers a wide range of protection for the comfort of the ischium up to 8 hours in beak or back of the saddle. Micro-perforated and smooth, it promotes perfect breathability through continuous contact with the skin. The density and shape of this seat have been developed according to the male anatomy, with a central channel that improves blood circulation and promotes the reduction of pressure and numbness offering great ergonomics and very good stability on the saddle. Like the Carbon Pro and Race Pro seats, the Ultra Pro chamois retains prostate pressure, provides maximum ischial and perineal protection. For a lifetime of your seat recommended washing at 40 ° in machine.

The size guide KONY to very precise European standards on the home page, allows you to choose the bib shorts adjusted to your measurements. These cycling bib shorts are customizable on the lower back and on the side of the thighs to your colors and your sponsors.

The Premium cycling bib shorts KS-8866 and KS-8870, suitable for cycle touring, are 100% customizable. Everything is made, made and printed in France. For comparison, the major brands of club bib shorts bring less comfort than the KONY bib shorts, faithful to its long experience with clubs for more than 50 years and working for more than 900 clubs. Always attentive to their needs, we offer products combining comfort, performance, technicality and adaptations for the greatest number of members.

Registered model. Reproduction prohibited

Origin France certified.


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