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Jacket Gabtex I 125g - Roubaix

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  • Cut: Very close to the body; Follows the shapes of the body
  • Genre: Mixed
  • Seasonality: Summer, mid-season, rain, 15°C
  • Material: Gabtex 1 3R 125 g/m²
  • Ease: Without
  • Specificities: Windproof - Waterproof - Hyper breathable
  • Breathability: 10x more breathable than other windproof fabrics
  • Pass: Cyclist
  • Sleeves: Long with elastic bias at the wrists
  • Pockets: 3 pockets easy to access
  • Closure: FAG 5 mm with lips and safety slider
  • Anti-slip band: At the bottom of the jersey
  • Size: From XS to 3XL - Size Guide
  • Customizable cycling jacket
  • Available in mid-season [Gabtex II] and winter [Gabtex III] versions

Customizable cycling jacket - made of France


A fully personalized cycling outfit

This jersey, featuring a modern and energetic gradient, can be customized. Indeed, the colors can all be changed. Also, if you are in a club, you can insert the logos of your sponsors as well as that of your bike club. All this is possible online, on this site, via the 3D visual configurator.

Whether you are a man or a woman, wear a personalized, original cycling outfit.


A jacket that adjusts the temperature

This jersey is both technical and modern design. Hyper breathable, it constantly adjusts the temperature under the fabric. 37.5°C is your ideal core body temperature, while 37.5% is the optimal relative humidity in your microclimate. The technicality of the Gabtex 1 membrane works to maintain this perfect balance so that you are more efficient and comfortable in your top, no matter how intense your effort. When you are in this ideal 37.5 zone, you will be in your ideal performance zone.

This homogeneity is due to the high breathability of jersey combined with its impermeability. Indeed, its RET being 4 m2 / PA / W, the air circulates easily between the inside and outside of the top, mixed, personalized. In addition, the waterproofness of the fabric allows external moisture not to infiltrate.

The permeability to external conditions of this cycling jacket does this down to the smallest detail. Its full FAG, which also allows you to adjust the temperature during the race, is covered with lips that allow it to be sealed. Also, the anti-slip band at the bottom of the jersey allows the garment not to go up and protect the skin.


Registered model and design; Reproduction prohibited

Origin France certified


Technical data sheet

Visual configurator
GabtexMen's JerseyCompetitionRoubaix.json

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