START specialist in athletics clothing

START has been the specialist and expert in customized technical textiles for men, women and children in athletics and running for more than 50 years. The START range offers running jerseys, athletic tank top, short sleeve and or long sleeve T-shirt, windbreaker, tights, long bib shorts, short bib shorts, athletic running shorts, shorts with integrated boxers. A range for women is offered with running jerseys, athletic tank top, V-neck t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, bra, short sleeve windbreaker and long sleeves, athletic shorts with integrated shorty, briefed shorts.

START also offers accessories for each season: summer gloves, cuffs, winter gloves, leggings, multifunction neckbands, earmuffs, winter shoe covers, socks, technical undercoat. By creating an account on the website, you access our configurator and can modify and customize the colors, add your sponsors, your text, your club. Since 1974, our products have been manufactured and carefully made in our workshops in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. With a wealth of experience, START is growing day by day in France. Our know-how is precious and we must preserve it. For more than 50 years, START has been using a tiny amount of water, very precise marking, has a very low environmental impact and a neutralized carbon footprint. .

Did you know? 10,000 litres of fresh water are needed to make 1 kg of cotton textile product. With our manufacturing process, we use less than 1 liter of water and no solvents. All our products are made from technical raw materials that are easily recyclable." They are Oeko-Tex certified free of any toxic and chemical substances for humans before and after printing. OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 is one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety. Find out on the Internet what OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 means and why it is worth checking this label when buying textiles