Can you specify your deadlines?

The production period extends from 4 to 6 weeks (Printing, Cutting, Sewing, Quality Control).

Is it possible to place an order for fewer than 10 pieces per product?

Certainly, however, if multiple order lines consist of only one item, we will apply surcharges and supplements to compensate for the loss of fabric and setup costs.

Is it possible to place an order directly with you as an individual, for a club?

Unfortunately, our operational process is exclusively focused on managing bulk orders reserved for resellers.

Do you have fitting kits available to allow customers to test sizes before making a purchase?

We offer customizable fitting kits in the colors of the clubs and sponsors, ready in just 10 days. This option allows you to test three sizes of your choice (S / M / L) before finalizing your selection. By choosing three different sizes across three separate items, you also have the opportunity to enjoy a 50% discount.

Where can I consult your catalog and sizing guide?

Feel free to browse the sizing guide for men and women, available directly on the homepage of our START website.

Do you have a configurator?

Our platform provides you with a configurator that allows users to visualize their design.

Where can I consult detailed information about the technical fabrics we offer?

You will find all the information you are looking for on page 14 of our START catalog, accessible directly from the homepage of our website.

What does sublimation printing on jerseys exactly involve?

Sublimation is a printing technique that utilizes thermal sublimation to transfer inks onto a substrate, typically textiles. It is valued for its sharpness, color accuracy, durability on various surfaces, eco-friendly properties, and long-term stability.

What does dispersed digital transfer sublimation printing involve?

The technique of digital sublimation printing with dispersed ink thermal transfer uses water-based inks to directly apply an image to a material, eliminating the need for an intermediate carrier such as transfer paper. This modern, environmentally friendly, and versatile method provides high-quality results while allowing for great creativity in the design of customized textile products.